Repair Services

In the unfortunate event that your pool is not fully compliant with the pool safety regulations, you will need to repair the pool barrier to meet compliance. This means you may need to engage a repairer.

Repairer's that specialise in pool safety and understand the pool safety regulations are very rare. Please be aware when you engage a repairer, always ask whether they provide a pool safety compliance guarantee in the event during re-inspection, the repairs still do not meet regulation standards. Ensure you obtain the pool safety compliance guarantee in writing on your quote or contract before you pay a deposit or any monies. This will guarantee you if there are any further non-compliant issues with the repairs, your nominated repairer will make the necessary alterations for free to meet compliance.

My Pool Safety Inspector does not carry out repair works ourselves however we are able to recommend repairers that could assist you. Just ask your friendly inspector / certifier for their contact details on the day.

Our inspector's / certifier's are also able to speak directly with your nominated repairer to clarify what repair works need to be done in order to achieve pool safety compliance.