Brisbane, Logan and Redland

Our Service

My Pool Safety Inspector is a Brisbane Pool Inspection company servicing Brisbane,  Logan and Redland Bay (excl. North Stradbroke Island, etc.)

We offer Pool Inspections, Pool Safety Certificates and Pool Advisory services to Property Owners, Property Sellers, Property Buyers, Landlords, Real Estate Agents, Property Managers, Body Corporates, Residential Complexes, Residential Apartments, Resorts, Hotels and Motels. We are here to help you ensure your pool fence is compliant with the pool safety standards and laws of Queensland.

We are different in that we can operate outside of normal business hours to benefit shift workers, office workers, and accommodation venues to minimise any disruptions to your daily work and leisure commitments.

Our Prices

Prices Include Certificate Fees & GST

Non-Shared Pools - Residential
(General Residential Properties)

Regular Size Pool Area
(1-2 Pool Gates)
Large Size Pool Area
(2+ Pool Gates)
Initial Inspection (Includes Certificate)$135.00*^$165.00^
Subsequent Inspection$60.00*$90.00

Shared Pools - Commercial
(Body Corporate, Hotels, Gyms, etc)

Regular Size Pool Area
(1-2 Pool Gates)
Large Size Pool Area
(2+ Pool Gates)
Initial Inspection (Includes Certificate)$185.00^$215.00^
Subsequent Inspection$110.00$140.00


Pool Safety Certificate Govt Fee$39.45
Pool Advisory Only$135.00
CPR Sign$35.00
Council Surcharge$300.00

* Property's with a land size greater than 1000m2 (that may have a pool area which is considered reasonably/obviously large in nature, however has only 1-2 pool gates) may be subject to a "Large Size Pool Area" rate. This will be at the discretion of the Pool Safety Inspector. This exception applies mainly to acreage / extremely large type properties.

^ Property's with council involvement (past 6 months, current or future 2 years) with any aspect of pool safety will incur an additional Council Surcharge at the discretion of the Pool Safety Inspector. Non-disclosure or deceptive conduct regarding council involvement will result in an additional $100.00 dishonesty fee. The Council Surcharge is to recover costs of associated administration due to the complex nature of pool compliance once Council are involved.

Forms & Checklists

QBCC Pool Compliance Checklist

QBCC Pool Safety Basic Checklist

Royal Life Saving Home Pool Safety Checklist

Form 23 – Pool Safety Certificate

Form 26 – Pool Safety Nonconformity Notice

Form 36 – Notice of No Pool Safety Certificate

Form 38 – Pool Safety Management Plan

Form 39 – Proposed Fencing Work for a Pool Barrier

Form 41 – Contribute for Fencing Work for a Pool Barrier

Your Obligations

Other Venue with a swimming Pool?

If you are a Gym, Spa or Accommodation Venue (eg. Hotel, Resort, Motel, Caravan Park, Backpacker or any other Class 3 accommodation venue with a pool), you must by law arrange for a Pool Safety Certificate (Form 23) each year or have a pool safety management plan that has been approved by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.


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