NSW Pool Inspection Process

Step 1: Make a Booking

Using our online booking form, enter your details and your nearest inspector will contact you to arrange an appointment. Remember to fill in the form as best as you can so your inspector understands your requirements.

Click on the "Contact Us" page to locate your nearest inspector and contact them directly to have a chat and arrange an appointment that works for you.

Step 2: Get Inspected

Your inspector will inspect, measure, test and take photos of your pool gates, pool fences, dividing fences used as a pool fences, and objects or structures near the pool fence.

If there are any non-compliant issues found during the inspection that are easy to fix, your inspector will work with you to get it rectified to give you the best chance of being compliant on the day.

Step 3: Pool Compliance Results

If your pool is compliant, the inspector will issue the pool certificate via email to you within 2 business days.

If your pool is non-compliant, the inspector will identify the issues and solutions in a formal written notice report. Once the issues are rectified, make a booking with the same inspector to reinspect and if the pool is compliant the pool certificate will be issued via email within 2 business days.