NSW Pool Inspection Process

STEP 1: Book in for an initial pool safety inspection either via our online booking form or contacting the nearest pool safety inspector using the "Find My Inspector" tool.

STEP 2: One of our qualified pool safety inspector's will arrive at your property at the arranged booking time to conduct your pool inspection. Our pool safety inspector will inspect, measure, test and take photos of your pool gate, pool fence, dividing fences used as a pool fence, and objects or structures near the pool fence and assess for pool safety compliance (approx 30 - 45 mins depending area size).

STEP 3: Once your pool has been assessed for pool safety compliance, the pool safety inspector will communicate the results with you directly in person.

If your pool is deemed fully compliant, the pool safety inspector will email you the relevant pool certificate within 2 business days.

If your pool is not deemed compliant, the pool safety inspector will advise you of the issues and what you need to do to rectify those issues. You will also receive an email with the relevant form or notice documenting this in writing. Once you have rectified the issues, please book in for a re-inspection.