QLD Pool Regulations

Pool Fences

• minimum barrier height from finished ground level to the top of the barrier is 1200mm
• if the sides of your above ground pool or spa are 1200mm high and nonclimbable, the sides can form part of the barrier and there must also be a designated access point with a compliant barrier and gate around it
• maximum allowable gap from finished ground level to the bottom of any barrier is 100mm
• gaps between vertical members must not exceed 100mm
• if there are horizontals within the 900mm nonclimbable zone, the gaps between verticals must not exceed 10mm and the horizontals must have 60-degree fillet attached
• climbable objects must be at least 900mm away from the pool barrier on the outside and 300mm on the inside
• no objects (decks, sills, etc.) can be so close as to reduce the minimum 1200mm fence height
• if it is not possible to achieve a 900mm nonclimbable zone on the outside, then the fence height can be raised to 1800mm and a 900mm nonclimbable zone created at the top on the inside, with no objects like decks below the nonclimbable zone that would reduce the 1800mm height/drop from the top of the fence
• even spas with lockable lids need a compliant barrier

Pool Gates

•  pool gates must not open toward the pool area
• pool gates must be self-closing and latching from all positions
• the bottom of any latch release mechanism on the outside of the gate must be at least 1500mm above the ground and 1400mm above the top of the highest lower horizontal      member
• pool gate hinges must be at least 900mm apart or the lower hinge must have a nonclimbable (sixty degree) safety cap affixed to prevent climbing
• any latches inside the gate must be at least 150mm below the top of the gate (or any hand-hole) and be shielded with a 450mm radius with no gaps greater than 10mm

Doors and Windows

• there is no direct access through a door from the house to the pool area
• windows opening onto the pool area must not open more than 100mm or must be security screened


• for balcony over or within 900mm of the pool barrier, the balustrade must comply with the pool safety standard.


• a compliant CPR sign must be displayed and either be attached to the barrier for the pool, or displayed near the pool, so that the sign is conspicuous and easily visible to anyone near the pool

QDC MP3.4 - Pool Compliance Diagrams