Do all Pool Safety Inspectors require to be licensed and insured?
There are many different prices being quoted for pool safety inspections by different businesses. How do I find the right one?
Do Pool Safety Inspectors carry out minor repairs?
What can I do prior to the inspection to assist in making my pool compliant?
Can I install a padlock or lock on my pool gate or door?
Do doors or windows from my house that open up onto the pool area comply?
How long does a Certificate of Compliance last?
How long does a pool safety inspection take?
What happens after the inspection?
If my pool is non-compliant, how long do I have to get compliant after the inspection?
What happens if I do not comply within the time period?
Can I sell a property without a Certificate of Compliance?
Can I purchase a property without a Certificate of Compliance?
My neighbour’s tree is growing close to the dividing fence and is making my fence non-compliant. What can I do?
Is my neighbour responsible for any of the costs incurred if it involves the dividing fence between our two properties?
Do I need to have my pool fence reinspected if I change my pool fence even though I have a current Certificate of Compliance?
How do I find out if my pool is registered and how do I register my pool?
If my pool needs repairs, can I repair it myself (DIY)?
Do I need to have a CPR Sign?