Pool Inspection & Pool Certificate

My Pool Safety Inspector is a Ipswich Pool Inspection and Certification company. We assist our Ipswich clients with conducting Pool Inspections and obtaining a Pool Certificate for the purposes of selling or leasing out a property.

Our Service

My Pool Safety Inspector is a pool inspection and certification company servicing Ipswich.

We offer Pool Inspections, Pool Safety Certificates and Pool Advisory services to Property Owners, Property Sellers, Property Buyers, Landlords, Real Estate Agents, Property Managers, Body Corporates, Residential Complexes, Residential Apartments, Resorts, Hotels and Motels. We are here to help you ensure your pool fence is compliant with the pool safety standards.

We are different in that we can operate outside of normal business hours to benefit shift workers, office workers, and accommodation venues to minimise any disruptions to your daily work and leisure commitments.

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Our Prices

Prices Include Certificate Fees & GST

Non-Shared Pools - Residential
(General Residential Properties)

Regular Size Pool Area
(1-2 Pool Gates)
Large Size Pool Area
(2+ Pool Gates)
Initial Inspection (Includes Certificate)$155.00*^$185.00^
Subsequent Inspection$80.00*$110.00

Shared Pools - Commercial
(Body Corporate, Hotels, Gyms, etc)

Regular Size Pool Area
(1-2 Pool Gates)
Large Size Pool Area
(2+ Pool Gates)
Initial Inspection (Includes Certificate)$205.00^$235.00^
Subsequent Inspection$130.00$160.00


Pool Safety Certificate Govt Fee$44.26
Pool Advisory Only$155.00
CPR Sign$40.00
Council Surcharge$300.00

* Property's with a land size greater than 1000m2 (that may have a pool area which is considered reasonably/obviously large in nature, however has only 1-2 pool gates) may be subject to a "Large Size Pool Area" rate. This will be at the discretion of the Pool Safety Inspector. This exception applies mainly to acreage / extremely large type properties.

^ Property's with council involvement in any aspect of pool safety will incur an additional Council Surcharge at the discretion of the Pool Safety Inspector. Non-disclosure or deceptive conduct regarding council involvement will result in an additional $100.00 dishonesty fee. The Council Surcharge is to recover costs of associated administration due to the complex nature of pool compliance once Council are involved.

Our Point of Difference

Price Match

We promise to price match our services in the unlikely event you find a cheaper identical service elsewhere. Rest assured our prices are competitive.

Price Match

We promise our inspector's will work with you to achieve pool compliance where possible during your initial inspection to avoid reinspection costs.

Price Match

We promise to arrive within 15 minutes of your booking, as we understand your time is precious. In the unlikely event we don't arrive on time, you receive a 20% discount.

Why Certify with My Pool Safety Inspector? 

Pool safety regulations can be complicated and difficult to understand. We make the process of getting a pool safety certificate or certificate of compliance easy by translating the legal jargon into plain english. In the event your pool barrier is non-compliant, we don't just identify the problem, we provide you with practical solutions to achieve compliance.

Sometimes being told your pool barrier is non-compliant can be hard to hear, however being non-compliant because of a minor issue (which is easy to fix) is not fair. Some inspector's may draw the line and deprive you of that opportunity to fix those minor issues. My Pool Safety Inspector will work with you and give you a fair opportunity to fix minor issues during your inspection, thereby maximising your chances of getting compliant the first time.

Almost everyone has had a bad experience with a tradie or a home visit service which either results in a no show or turns up significantly late. Time wasted which you will never get back. We understand your time is precious, which is why we promise to arrive within 15 minutes of your booking otherwise you receive a 20% discount. We also offer flexible appointment times outside of normal work hours, so that you don't have to take time off work to let us do our job. We can also perform our inspections when nobody is home. Access via a side gate to your pool area is sufficient and we can even help you lock up after.