(QLD) Minor repairs to achieve compliance

A pool safety inspector and pool owner can agree for the pool safety inspector to carry out minor repairs to make the pool comply with the pool safety standard. However, a pool safety inspector can carry out minor repairs only if they hold an unconditional licence.

If a pool safety inspector is unclear about whether their licence is unconditional, they should check the back of their licence. If nothing is written on the back of the licence, they have been issued with an unconditional licence. If the licence states ‘Not permitted to carry out minor repairs on regulated pools’ then the pool safety inspector cannot perform any work on a pool barrier. In this situation their functions are restricted to inspecting the barrier and issuing either a pool safety certificate or nonconformity notice.

Schedule 2B of the Building Regulation 2006 (Appendix 2) defines minor repairs and limits the repairs a pool safety inspector can carry out. Minor repairs can be undertaken over the monetary value of $3,300 only if the pool safety inspector also holds the relevant licence issued by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (formerly the Queensland Building Services Authority).