(QLD) Engaging a second pool safety inspector within the reinspection period

The Building Act 1975 provides that during the reinspection period a pool owner may only ask the pool safety inspector (PSI) who performed the initial inspection to reinspect. This requirement aims to prevent pool owners from ‘shopping around’ for a PSI who may provide a more favourable assessment. Using the same PSI also ensures that a pool owner receives consistent advice and interpretation of the standard.

However, in some cases it may be not be possible for the initial PSI to conduct a reinspection. When this occurs, it is not appropriate for the PSI to nominate another inspector to reinspect the pool on their behalf. The PSI should instead advise the pool owner to apply in writing to the Pool Safety Council (PSC) for a change of PSI. The PSC will assess the application and advise the pool owner and the initial PSI of its decision.