(NSW) Non-climable zones

There are 5 climbing zones around a pool barrier. 4 zones for an internal barrier and 1 where the boundary barrier is used as part of the pool barrier. A common question from property owners asked of pool barrier inspectors is, ‘What makes something non-climbable in a NCZ (non-climbing zone)?’

There is no black and white to this question so we have go back to why we have pool barrier safety laws. These laws have been made with children up to 5 year old in mind. While we as adults can generally look at something and determine whether something can be climbed due to its strength or look, can children up to 5 years of age?

With this question in mind, your pool barrier inspector will assess the strength and flexibility of anything that could be climbed in any of the 5 non-climbing zones. We will look at the item in the NCZ and ask, does it look climbable and could it hold the weight of a child up to 5 years of age?